BT Broadband Speed Test

Updated: BT is the largest Internet Service Provider in the UK, with over 6 million customers using their BT Broadband and BT Infinity services. We suspect a large number of those users never test their broadband speed, however their previous largest 38Mb Infinity service was found to deliver on it’s promises.

BT Broadband Speed Test

BT offer broadband download speeds of upto 17mb via their regular BT Broadband land-line service (ADSL connection), usage can be capped or unlimited depending on which package you go for. They also offer fiber optic broadband packages with download speeds up to 76mb via their BT Infinity service (and upload speeds of up to 19mb), and coverage of this service has been extended across the UK over the last few years.

Fibre optic is the best way to get fast speed internet, if you have fibre optic broadband, test it now, the results should be near what you’re paying for.

Factors that affect your broadband connection speed include local availability, distance from the exchange and your internal home wiring. So this means you’ll be offered the best broadband speed available on your line.

As for doing a test, BT offer their own BT broadband speed test service via their website, which can be found with other information at this BT speed page.

Alternatively, you may wish to try alternative broadband speed test services for your BT broadband below:

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