Sky Broadband Speed Test

Sky Broadband provides customers with internet download speeds of up to 20Mbit/s via a land-line (ADSL connection).

Sky Broadband Speed Test

The further away from the telephone exchange the customer site is, the slower the speed will be. Sky use Dynamic Line Management over the first 10 days of a new connection to stabilise the line at an acceptable downstream and upstream speed. This ensures that the broadband connection remains stable.

The Access Line speed is the speed of the Broadband connection between the local telephone exchange and the wireless router – this is the speed that Sky Broadband is able to provide into your home rather than the actual speeds that you experience when using the internet.


To check the Access Line speed, type in in the web-brower’s address bar. In the login box, enter the username ‘admin’ and the password ‘sky’. The next screen will show your Sky Broadband Access Line (Connection) speeds.

In order to carry out a Sky broadband speed test when using the internet, try one of these speed test services to see how your report speed compares against the claimed maximum speed:


Sky Broadband Speed Test 1
Sky Broadband Speed Test 2
Sky Broadband Speed Test 3
Sky Broadband Speed Test 4

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