Virgin Broadband Speed Test

Virgin Media deliver their broadband service primarily through their fibre-optic cable network.  In July 2009 and 2010, Virgin Media Broadband came out top in an Ofcom broadband speed test in the UK. Their TV adverts have also pushed their claim as the fastest broadband provider in the UK.

Virgin Broadband Speed TestVirgin Media have a dedicated webpage on their website all about doing a Virgin broadband speed test and aren’t afraid to have their speed claims put to the test.

They ran their own tests of the speed test websites and found that there were several speed testers that weren’t able to keep up with Virgin Media’s broadband speed. Half of the test sites provided inaccurate results, some of the sites struggled with testing speeds of 10mb and above. There are, however, some sites which were able to handle the speeds and are listed on Virgin’s website.

Try one of these Virgin broadband speed test services to see how your reported speed compares against the claimed maximum speed:

Virgin Broadband Speed Test 1
Virgin Broadband Speed Test 2
Virgin Broadband Speed Test 3
Virgin Broadband Speed Test 4